Making Memories…..Loving Time with Friends



This week has been filled with time with friends.  It was our goal for summer to spend as much time with friends and family and I think we have been doing a pretty good job.  There are some friends who we have not gotten to see much of but there is still time!!  Here is a glimpse of our week.



The week started off with a swap.  I took the little girls to their first art class at a local art studio and Z went with friends to the Einstein Workshop.  The art class was called “Tea Party” and the girls enjoyed making crowns, drawing cupcakes and modeling tea cups (and other things) out of modeling clay.   The boys were in heaven as they played with LEGO and Z had his first taste of Mine Craft.

2014 July 012

The next day we met up with friends at their library.  Their children’s library was so nice and their summer reading program was really well organized (kind of made us wish we lived in their town). We had so much fun playing with all of the science experiments they had out and catching up with our good friends.



After the library we went to the local diner for lunch.  This was a very special treat for all of us!


Later in the week we did another swap.  Z had a play date with his friend and Lil’C went to their house to swim and play.  After playing and lunch, I took the boys to our library for a LEGO party.  It was a packed event but the children didn’t seem to mind and were all very focused on their creations.  They then got to put their creations on display.  After the LEGO party, we all went back for a swim.  It was a nice and relaxing afternoon.



Today the kids are back with friends and I have a little time to get some projects done around the house.  I had to make a list to make sure I didn’t waste a second of my time.  It would be nice to sail into the weekend with a clean and organized house….here’s hoping it happens!

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