Happy Birthday Momma!!


I wanted to take a minute to wish my mother a very Happy Birthday!  I look forward to celebrating with you later today.


We use to have festive birthdays, the three of us (Pops, Mom and I) back when I was a kid.  There was always a cake for me and usually a shared dessert for the two of them.  It has been just mom and I celebrating for awhile now and last year I made us a GAPS friendly cake and skipped my annual Moxie Soda (in honor of Pops).  This year I am planning on eating Gluten Free Cake and drinking a few sips of Moxie.  Both of these are not on my diet but it is my birthday after all.

Happy Weekend Everyone, love you mom!




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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Momma!!

  1. Mimi

    Happy Birthday to the Parkinson gals. Enjoy your day!!!!

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