You’re Reading Harry Potter Again?

Harry Potter series for kindle

Yes. I. am.  I know I have read or listened to the entire series at least 5 times but I am reading it again.  Why am I reading the Harry Potter series again when I have a 700 page book club book to finish by the first week of August?!?!?!  For the same reason I watch the same old sitcoms or movies when I am sick or the reason I cuddle up with my old baby blanket when I am sad….it is a comfort.

This week has been an emotional one.  As I try to support a dear friend from a far as well as keep up with the day to day crazy that has been this summer, I need a little comfort of my own.  In my precious free moments I need to turn to something that I know, something that I love and something that I enjoy.


Summer reading should be light in my opinion, that is why I often spend summer days rereading series or old favorites.  I have spent summers at Green Gables, out on the Prairie, with Jo and Beth or even Miss Elizabeth Bennet.  I find nothing more comforting than reading a story that I love with characters that I care a great deal about.

Yes, the 700 page book club book will not be finished and it took some time to come to terms with that.  At this time I am enjoying my time at Hogwarts and finding comfort in that.

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  1. Mimi

    We all need a little magic sometimes. Hope you will come make some magic with us on the weekend and lift your spirits. HUGS:)

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