Mommy Can I Sew Today?


This picture is the reason why I say “Yes” sometimes to the question listed above.  I mean look how happy she is with her brand new  Elsa doll we made together.


This picture shows why I don’t say yes to this question when I hear it everyday.  And I do hear it almost everyday.  This mess and all the time and effort it takes for me to assist in these projects is why sewing is not an everyday thing in our house.


I do need to find a way to make it more regular though because she LOVES it so much.  She designed Elsa, helped me to cut her out, sewed and stuffed the arms herself, helped to sew on the embellishments on the dress and did all the stuffing.  This was the most complicated project she and I have taken on yet and we are so happy with the results.  The pattern was all Lil’C’s and she LOVES this doll.  She sleeps with it every night and was thrilled to have an Elsa doll of her very own.


She did come out pretty cute.



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  1. This doll is AMAZING!!! Can I place an order for Jocelyn? What a great mom you are for encouraging C to do what she loves, despite the work it entails for you. What a lucky little girl!

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