I Think I May be Raising a “Woo Girl”



A few weeks ago Lil’C and I were driving down to Boston with one of her friends.  Once we could see the city skyline, Lil’C said to her friend, “Oh wow, there is Boston, WOOOO!”

All I could think of in that moment was the “Woo Girl” episode of one of my all time favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother.  Since that day I have been listening for the “Woo” and I am surprised at how often I hear it.

“Yes you can have a snack Lil’C”……..”Yea a snack, WOOOO!”

As Let it Go comes on the car, “WOOOOO, I Love this song!”

When NYC came on the TV, “I love NYC….WOOOOO!”

In the episode, these girls used the “Woo” as a way to cover up their insecurities.  Now this mama likes to “Woo” on occasion but for the most part my “Woo” is one of joy and excitement.  I am now making it my mission to make sure that Lil’C’s “WOO” stays happy and enthusiastic and that she continues to grow to be confident and secure about who she is.  It is okay to “Woo” on occasion as long as you are feeling good about who you are 🙂

Click Here to learn more about what a “Woo Girl” is according to HIMYM.


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