First Days


This week we started on a new adventure, an adventure where both Z and Lil’C are learning out of a formal school setting. I will be honest, I was worried about taking on both of their educations and wondered how I would find one on one time with Z. This week I learned that with a little bit of organization, a lot of prep, a bunch of patience and a lot of enthusiasm that it is doable.

IMG_3010We had a great first week!! We are loving our Rocks and Minerals unit and all three of us are totally engrossed in it. We started an online Spanish program this week, Z and I started the 4th book of Life of Fred (our math series) and we did a lot of reading and review.


Lil’C has her life set up just like at her Montessori School. She has “works” that are out only when Z and I need time together. This week she worked on counting, letter sounds, writing mail, studied rocks and played with lacing cards.  She also joined us for Handwriting, journal time and for all of our Rocks and Minerals activities.
IMG_3031Here are some of the things we did this week to kick off our Rocks and Minerals unit!!


We went on a rock walk to collect and observe rocks in the woods.

We learned all about the layers of the earth and what makes up each layer.

IMG_3042We made pet rocks!!!!

IMG_3045We learned some mineral names and how to test unknown minerals to ID them.




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4 responses to “First Days

  1. Kacie

    You are such an inspiration…your kids are so lucky! What a great start to the school year.. K..XOXO

  2. Kacie

    J..have you heard of Squishy Circuits? Designed by an Engineering Professor. Using Play Doh as the conductor for making lights work! Looks so cool. Heard about it on NPR today. I googled Squishy Circuits and found the website. Think it was University of St. Thomas. I’m going to try it with the girls. They show you step by step and the “recipe” for the particular Play Doh!

  3. Mimi

    Great first week! Whoo Hoo… as one little girl likes to say:)

  4. So glad the first week went so well! Although I’m not surprised a bit! How lucky are your kids to have an amazing mom and a fantastic teacher all in the same person?!!!

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