Autumn has arrived…

IMG_3388 The calendar may still say SUMMER but AUTUMN moved in this past weekend.  The winds have changed, the temps have dipped and I even turned on our pellet stove to take off the chill this morning. Last week I was fighting the change of seasons.  I couldn’t imagine not diving into the lake one more time or feeling the warm sand through my toes.  Now that the air has changed, I am coming to terms with the change and may even be getting a bit excited. P1050528 I am looking forward to the slowing down that fall and winter brings, this time of RETREAT.  I am looking forward to cozy sweaters, warm fires, pumpkin muffins, apple cider and yes Mom, MUMS.  Every year I try to convince my mother to hold out until at least September to buy her mum plants, and each year she begrudgingly agrees. IMG_3390 The kids and I spent part of today creating gnomes for our Autumn nature table.  We LOVE our gnomes and are excited to have some autumn figures to add to our growing gnome collection. IMG_3398 We also made a new leaf fairy to add to our decorations and are thinking of adding a few more.  Lil’C also had me add some hair and a cape to the “Elsa” she had painted last weekend and asked that I turn one of her other peg people into “Anna”.  She LOVES them and had a good time playing with the castle that Z made her two Christmases ago. IMG_3391 Z was feeling left out so he created a Zombie from Minecraft.  He wants to make some other figures as well to add to his Zombie.  He has plans for Steve and maybe an animal or two. IMG_3397 RETREAT……It was not something I was feeling okay with last week, in fact we were swimming one week ago today.  But RETREAT sounds pretty good right about now.  I think I will go and bake some pumpkin muffins and ponder this idea….I think I may just be ready for Autumn. IMG_3389


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3 responses to “Autumn has arrived…

  1. Mimi

    The seasons push us along whether we like it or not. So much better to “grow where you’re planted”. There is so much to enjoy in each season! And we are lucky to great another Fall. Love the gnomes… and love you all:)

  2. Mimi

    That’s “greet” as in welcome!
    Mimi correcting her typo…

  3. LOVE your gnome collection! My boys would especially love the zombie gnome!

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