Fall is Officially Here….

IMG_3472Fall is officially here and this past weekend was a preview of the good fall fun to come.  The weather was quite chilly, the leaves at the lake are starting to change and we had a great time hiking, roasting marshmallows around the campfire and “exploring” a local corn maze (we got quite lost and had to cheat to get out!!).


IMG_3501I have finally come to terms with the fact that fall is here but couldn’t resist one last plunge into the lake.  Scott, Z and I put on our swimsuits on Sunday afternoon and took the 70 degree day as a sign that we should go for one last swim.


Z was the first to jump off the dock and his little yelp and quick swim to the shore let us know that it was very chilly in that water.  The night time temps have been in the high 30’s up there so the water was bound to cool down.  Scott and I decided to jump together and I assumed we would swim to the raft and do one more family jump.  Oh how WRONG I was!!  As soon as my body hit the chilly water it wanted OUT!  It was ice cold and it was all I could do to follow Z and get to shore as quickly as possible.  The air felt like a warm blanket once out of the water and we declared that the official last swim of summer.


It was a great weekend and we were so happy to have Scott there to enjoy it.  He flew in from London on Saturday afternoon but made it in time for dinner prep and campfire fun with friends.  It was a great weekend.


Indian Summer is in the forecast for the weekend.  I am a bit sad that we will not be at the lake for it but happy for the couple that is going to be married there this weekend.  After feeling the cold water on Sunday, I think it will be okay to not be at the lake this weekend with the temptation to swim.  Instead we will be home celebrating the 8th trip around the sun of my sweet little Z.  No party this year (for either kid), just an adventure and some good old family fun!!  Happy Fall.




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3 responses to “Fall is Officially Here….

  1. Mimi

    The tree at the wall in the meadow has already put on its rainbow cover. The tomatoes are shivering in the evenings… and the sunflowers have all bowed their heads. The bittersweet is ready to berry out… begging me to fashion a new wreath. Flannel jamie pants have come out of the closet
    and feel oh so good and comfy… YES! Fall is here! Time for hot cider and a few yard sales!!!:)

  2. Thanks for such an amazing weekend at your slice of Heaven on The Lake! We all had such a wonderful time!

  3. Love this post and LOVED visiting the lake that you talk so fondly of all the time. We had a blast and are so happy to have such great friends.

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