My Baby is FIVE!!!


I know they say Time Flies..but FIVE?!?!  Where did my sweet little baby go? Lil’C has been very sweet this birthday with extra hugs and encouraging words for me.  “It’s okay mama, I am five now, it’s okay.  I am still your little girl but I need to be five.”

She is right, she does need to be five but I still want permission to take a step back today and say, “WOW!  When did that little 6 pound baby that shot into this world (literally) turn into such an amazing little person?”

IMG_4444Lil’C is a person who is not afraid to show her emotions.  When she is happy, the whole world is happy along with her.  When she is upset or mad…WATCH OUT….her screams and “tears” can be hear round the globe!!  Lil’C is an enthusiastic and creative little being who brings so much joy to our family and this world.  She loves hard and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Happy Birthday Lil’C!!!


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  1. Happy birthday sweet Caroline! We are all so blessed that you were born 5 years ago! 🙂

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