A Great Weekend


The weekend was a busy one but full of adventure for all.  It started off with Lil’C and I babysitting the twins for the first time while Scott and Z went out to breakfast, worked on the bathroom and did yard work.


Lii’C and I were excellent babysitters and we kept those sweet babies quiet and happy (for the most part).  They were awake for most of the time and we enjoyed snuggling, singing and playing with them.


Saturday night Z went to the UNH hockey game with ChiChi, his cousin G and Uncle Marc.  They went out to dinner, played pool and had a GREAT time at the game.


Lil’C had a sleepover with her cousin Jiggy and Scott and I headed off to Maine for a 40th birthday party for my dear friend Sarah.  On the way to the party, we stopped off at a little Mexican restaurant for a quick date night of appetizers and drinks.  Scott and I haven’t had a date since the summer, so it was nice to get away for a bit.

The party was great and it was so nice to celebrate this special birthday with Sarah.  I couldn’t believe how perfectly the stars aligned so that were were able to make the two hour trip up and back to see her.

Sunday morning Scott and I headed to church alone as the kids were still with my parents.  We were blessed with another date and went out to breakfast and picked out tile for the downstairs.  It was nice to have so much one on one time with Scott over the weekend.

Sunday afternoon, Scott headed down to work and the kids and I snuggled in front of the fire and watched a few episodes of the Brady Bunch.  We were all sooooo exhausted from our late nights and crazy weekend that a little downtime was just what we needed.  I hope you had a good weekend!

A few more pictures….


Lil’C’s thankful turkey with “accessories”.  She added a crown and gown.  We add a feather each night.


We are studying the Vikings


We made Viking ships and hats


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Good for you that you got two dates, a party and so much more!

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