Oh What a Night….

This episode of Friends, season 7 was top of mind for me last night.  I was alone, as Scott is traveling and I was exhausted when I tumbled into bed at 10:30PM.  Here is how the night went down…..


10:30PM–Go to bed and fall asleep about 30 minutes later.

1:30AM–I am awoken abruptly but unsure why.  Get up to look around and find nothing.

2:30AM–I am awoken abruptly again, this time I hear a beep.  I groggily remember the last time this happened it was the CO meter needing a new battery.  I work to disengage it (such a noisy process and Z wakes up) and take the battery out.  I head back to bed.


3:30AM–Just as I am falling asleep the horrid beep is heard AGAIN!?!?!  This time I realize it was not the CO meter but the smoke alarm.  I head downstairs to search for batteries and find nothing.  I then take the battery out and I am greeted with a series of beeps (this wakes up Z again).  I run downstairs and grab the battery from the CO meter and place it in the smoke alarm.  All is quiet……

4:30AM–I toss and turn while waiting for that piercing beep to go off again.  Snow is falling outside my window, why is snow falling in November?!?!  I then fall asleep, realizing that I have ended it for now.

5:30AM–“Mommy I’m scared!”  It is not the horrid beep but a wee child who says she is scared of the dark.  I tell her it is night and she runs back to bed.  On her way she turns on EVERY light in her path.  I am forced to get up and shut off some lights and shut doors so that Z and I are not disturbed.

7:11 AM–Z and C run in to wake me up and let me know there is snow on the ground.  I roll over EXHAUSTED and let them know that we need to go and get batteries today.  From now on, I am following the Change Your Batteries in your Smoke/CO Alarms Day on Day Light Savings Day.



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2 responses to “Oh What a Night….

  1. This was so painful to read! I just got more and more tired with each wake up you experienced. It must have been unbearable to live!!! I hope there are now new batteries everywhere and lots of sleep in your future!

  2. That is the WORST!! How many cups of coffee to get through that day?!?! 🙂

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