Advent Magic

photo 3This season of Advent has been great so far and filled with Advent Magic.  We have tried to slow down life a bit and have been conscience to pick out only a few extra activities.  Our home time has been spent making gifts (oh the gifts!!), reading our Jesse Tree Devotional, watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas books, listening to our Sparkle Stories Advent calendar and playing board games by the fire.

photo 1

The other night we had our 2nd Advent Spiral.  It has quickly become my favorite part of the season.  My mother once again played the part of the angel of light and my dad played instrumental Christmas music on his guitar.  Each child took turns walking the spiral path towards my mother where she lit their apple candle.  She told them to take the light with them through the dark nights of winter.  They then walked back out the spiral and placed their apple candle on a star along the way.  When all the candles had been placed and everyone was seated quietly, the lights were turned out and we sat among the candle light, listening to the music, for a few beautiful moments.  There were tears in my eyes as I took in this beautiful site and thought about the blessing that my co-op friends are to me.  I was so glad that my parents agreed to be a part of this magical night once again.

photo 4

My goal for this season has been to go more slowly and be more present.  It is hard at times for me but I have cut back my to-do list, have created white space in our calendar and am trying to let things go. I am trying to spend my time snuggling on the couch with my kids rather than worrying about the mound of laundry behind me.  It is hard but I am trying.  This is the gift I am trying to give myself….the gift of being present for these days that are fleeting and will be gone before I know it.  These moments of stillness and togetherness are what create Advent Magic.

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2 responses to “Advent Magic

  1. What a beautiful post Jess – and a beautiful sentiment. I am so proud of you for making such right choices for Advent. I think I need to take a page out of your book!

  2. Thanks for reminding me that I need to slow down and enjoy the holidays, especially when my kids are the perfect age for all the magic!!

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