St. Lucia Day

photo 5Last Thursday, my little Sprouts Class celebrated St. Lucia Day.  We learned about Saint Lucia, made buns, read a Swedish Christmas story and dressed up for a procession.  We turned down all the lights and the oldest Sprout carried our plate of treats, while the younger children carried flashlight “candles”.  They marched in to see their mamas and brothers and presented their mother’s with the Christmas gifts they made for them.  It was soooo sweet and my first celebration of St. Lucia Day.

photo 3

This has been a busy month for the Sprouts class, as they have been busy making gifts for everyone in their families.  They made picture frames for their brothers, note cards and ornaments for their fathers and mugs for their moms.  It has been so much fun crafting, baking and learning about the winter holidays with these sweet kids.  Next week we are presenting at a Christmas Around the World Fair, will make reindeer food and will learn about Hanukkah.  It is fun to be a Sprout!

photo 2


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  1. Mimi

    So cute! A wonderful celebration:)

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