It is Time to Hibernate


It has been quiet here in this space……I have written many blog posts in my head but have not been able to sit down and focus my thoughts.  I hope now that life is a bit slower, I can visit this space more often.

I did my best to create a slow and peaceful holiday season for our family and looking back I have to say that it was a success.  We had a slower pace, created some wonderful gifts and enjoyed a lot of quiet time in the days leading up to Christmas (Z’s stomach bug helped with that).

Then the 23rd hit and life got BUSY.  I feel like we hit the road running on the 23rd and did not come up for breath until the 27th.  We had an AMAZING holiday and the kids had so much fun but it was exhausting.  Throw in home remodeling and there was little time to recover from the fast pace of the holiday celebration.


Their Christmas Eve Fancy Clothes


P and E’s first Christmas


The Annual Burning of the Yule Log

The kids and I did have a few quiet moments here and there over Christmas Break and Scott and I decided that we would have a QUIET New Years Eve at home, that was lovely.


Happy New Year!!

Then the first week of school hit and once again we hit the ground running hard.   All of our scheduled activities seemed to happen that first week, throw in all of our school work, home projects and we were exhausted by weeks end.


Z is taking snowboarding with a few of his buddies

This past week we truly began our hibernation and it was WONDERFUL.  I LOVE this time of year so much.  I love playing in the snow, warm fires, snuggling up with a good book, working on an indoor creative project, warm cups of tea…..I love the slowness that this time of year encourages.


This week we played endless games of chess by the fire, worked on craft projects, visited with friends, went for a swim at the indoor pool and enjoyed LOTS of home time.  It has been so nice to finally slow down and enjoy the quiet.


Scott was away all week and came home exhausted and jet lagged.  Z declared Saturday family day and asked that he not work on the home remodel all day so we could be together.  We visited with friends during the day and went out to dinner just the four of us Saturday night.  At dinner Scott declared Sunday a family day too. This was such good news for both the kids and I.  Today Z and Scott have basketball and then we are chilling out all day…..we can’t wait to hibernate with daddy!


Many cultures around the world in colder climates treasure this time of year for this chance to reset, relax and renew.  I think we should follow their example, change our perspective about this time of year (stop complaining about the cold) and use this time to find peace and rest.   How will you spend your days hibernating??

photo 1



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3 responses to “It is Time to Hibernate

  1. Janine

    How will I spend my time hibernating…with twins. Look forward to visits. Love ya!

  2. So glad you got such a restful weekend as a family! What a treat! So glad we live in this part of the country where the cold forces us inside, making us slow down. 🙂

  3. You guys deserved a nice family weekend!! I am struggling this year with finding time to slow down! I was so grateful for this weeks Blizzard. We stayed home for 2 days and read books, went sledding, drank hot cocoa, erupted a volcano in the kitchen and snuggled on the couch. I even taught the kids the chicken dance and the electric slide! 🙂 I feel like yesterday we hit the ground running again. I need another blizzard.

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