April Fools

I have always loved April Fools day.  I think it is the combination of the fun and silliness and the fact that the calendar now reads APRIL!

photo 2

Some of my favorite April Fools Day acts were creating an ice cream sundae on our friends cars in college and putting a life size gorilla in Scott’s car at the bus station.  When he came back to his car  in the dark, the gorilla looked just like a person and gave him a bit of a scare.  So much fun!

I always like to do simple and fun things for the kids on April Fools Day.  My pranks are mostly silly, I don’t believe in cruel or nasty pranks.  I like to have a little fun to start off our morning.

photo 1

Today there were 9 surprises hidden for them around the house.  There was a banana that said, “Telephone”, where the phone use to be, googly eyes on their favorite foods and a funny picture of Scott that I printed out and hid around the house.  They had so much fun with this and their giggles were an enjoyable way to start the day.

photo 3

They then went off to make their own fun in my room.  There were LEGO characters all over, my things were hidden or mixed up and the pillows were in strange places.   They laughed and laughed as I found all of their mischief.

What fun will you have today???  Happy April Fools Day!



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4 responses to “April Fools

  1. What FUN! Made me giggle too:)

  2. Janine

    Hopefully, I won’t have any April Fools jokes while heading home!

  3. What lucky kids you have!!! I wish I lived at your house!

  4. D and D's Mom

    I’ll tell you what fun we had on April fools….ZIPPO. I do love April fools, but I’m not good at being creative. Love your ideas…maybe next year!

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