About Us


Sometimes we wish we could sail away with our family in our own Magic School House. Similar to Jack and Annie in the Magic Tree House Stories, we would sail the ocean, explore our natural world, experience other cultures and fill our lives with rich knowledge and adventure.

This blog is a record of our lives as we work to help our children become life long learners.   At this time in our life, the public schools are not the right choice for our family so we are doing things a little differently.  This year Z is homeschooling for first grade and Lil’C is in her first year of Montessori School.  This path is one that meets our family’s needs and helps us to pursue our passions and our love for learning.  It is our hope that by someday soon we will sail away on that Magic School House and see the world!

Come Meet the Family!

Mama School


Mama is a former elementary school teacher, who left the public schools for the best job of all….to raise her family.  She is a life long learner who loves science and nature (especially birds).  Mama enjoys a good adventure with her kids, a good book (the Lorax and Pride and Prejudice are 2 favorites) and loves to travel with family.  When she “grows up” she’d like to run her own science school or summer camp.



Papa School



Papa is an Tech Guy and Entrepreneur who works in Mobile Technology.  He loves to create new things, meet new people and experience new things  Papa is a musical guy who loves to play his guitar and is currently learning the piano.  Surfing, hiking, golf, fishing, sailing and playing with his kids are a few of Papa’s other loves.



Z (age 6)

Z (age 7)


Z is a kind and caring seven-year-old boy.  He loves all things Science and so enjoys being outdoors.  While outdoors he loves swimming, sledding, making fairy houses, watching the birds and making up his own games and worlds.  Indoors he loves LEGO, reading and inventing.



Lil'C (age 3)

Lil’C (age 4)


Lil’C is a curious  and friendly 4-year-old who wants to see the world.  She loves people and is always looking for someone to play “dress up” with.  She loves princesses, puzzles, books, dancing, making fairy houses, being outside and playing with friends. Lil’C is an artistic little thing who loves to paint, draw and create collages.