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Friday Finds….Resources for Lent


This post is from last year but I updated it and wanted to share it again!  There are some great websites that can help you get into the season and also into the Easter Spirit.  Some are filled with fun and light activities and the others have activities with a more educational or religious focus.  No matter what you celebrate, I hope that this time of year finds you re-energized, renewed and hopeful for all that is to come.

Resurrection eggs

-NEW eBook from Maker of Truth in the Tinsel

-Lenten Activities for Kids (this has a great LENT printable Calendar for kids)

-Intentionally Celebrating Lent and Easter as a Family

-Grow Your Own Easter Grass 

-21 Easy Easter Crafts

-Kids Easter Crafts


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God Bless America


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May 27, 2013 · 8:08 am

So Many Gifts

photo-5I was spoiled with love and gifts this Mother’s Day.  We spent the weekend with my family at the lake and the sun even came out for a bit on Mother’s Day.  Before we left for the lake, there was a knock at the door with two cute little kids, a pink rose and some cookies.  They thanked me for being one of their favorite moms!!  It was so very sweet and I was so grateful for this kind gesture.  The day before we were at a birthday party for a dear friend and the birthday girl handed out roses to all of the mom’s for Mother’s Day.  So very sweet.


Wally came home from school with this beautiful hand panted pot made from his finger prints…..tears they were flowing with this gift!  There was a beautiful hanging plant left on my doorstop by the “plant fairies” and a gift card to buy some new clothes because my clothes are getting baggy these days 🙂  And then hugs and kisses in the early morning of Sunday from my two little cherubs made the day start in a very special way.
I even bought myself a present this year.  My mother had given Eva a Willow Tree figurine holding a bouquet of flowers for her baptism.  I added this to our window which already had a husband and wife, a mother and baby and a father and baby and realized something was missing….Wally!  I had Wally pick out his own figurine and so now the family is complete in the window.  It makes me smile every time I walk by it for it reminds me of my beautiful family.  This job of mother is a gift and the very best job I have ever had!



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A Beautiful Day for a Welcoming Ceremony

The sun was shining down on us yesterday as we baptized Eva at her grandparents farm.  It was a beautiful and personal small outdoor ceremony with family and friends.  The minister was incredible and worked with us to plan this very special time for our family.  During the ceremony the four godparents were asked to each represent a character trait that they possess and to guide Eva throughout her life in this trait.  Amber represents Honesty, Joe Adventure, Andy Reliability and Kristen Thankgiving.  The four traits spelled out HART, a place where we know they hold Eva dear.  Each godparent was given a princess power ring with their letter on it and so when they come together it spells HART.

Eva did not wear the flower girl dress from her Auntie Kiki’s wedding, like I had envisioned two years ago when it was given to her, but that was okay.  Instead she frolicked through the space in her regular clothes, spreading rose petals, picking grass and hiding under momma’s skirt 🙂  The flower girl dress hung on a chair that we had reserved just for Auntie Kiki, a place for her to visit from Heaven and participate in the ceremony.

Each godparent, grandparent and Wally brought a bit of water to contribute to the baptismal water.  The water came from many different places, places that were special to each of them.  We then gave each person in the circle a PINK gerber daisy (my wedding flower and Eva’s favorite color).  The minister then dipped the flower into the bowl of water and I sprinkled it all over my beautiful baby girl.  The baptism ended with my dad singing one of Eva’s favorite songs while Uncle Pete played the guitar.  This was cut short because she was not loving all the attention but we did make it through a verse 🙂

After the ceremony it was time for a Mexican Pink Fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  After the party we got some time in on the beach to celebrate Mimi’s birthday.  The entire day was a gift.  It was a beautiful day in a beautiful space with so many people we love!  Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so special.


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55ish Things to Do During Screen Free Week


Screen Free Week is this week and the kids and I are once again participating.  I do go online once a day and check my email but other than that, we are completely screen free.  What about blogging you ask??  Not to worry, most of my blogposts have been pre-written for the week and are scheduled to go out while I’m off-line.

One of our favorite things to do before the week begins is to make a list of things we can do other than watch TV or play Wii. My children don’t spend a lot of time in front of screens on a regular basis…usually 60-90 minutes a day.  Weeks we are sick that number goes up and since we just got over some week long illnesses and my back being out, it is time to take a break.


The kids came up with quite a few things to do instead of watch TV and these are now posted in front of the TV as a reminder.  I decided that this year I would come up with my own things to do so that if I was tempted to jump on the computer (I don’t really watch too much TV) I’d have something to distract me.  So here are our lists:

The Kids List

play outside on swings, listen to books on tape, play princesses, listen to Sparkle Stories, sidewalk chalk, ride bikes, read books, play Mario K’Nex, snuggle on Mommy’s bed, play dinosaurs, practice for Wally’s School play, work on our May Day project, play Star Wars, play Ballerina Class, Lego Time, Board Games, Art Projects, Bake Cookies, play Dress Up, T-Ball Games, go to the Park, make costumes for Wally’s School Play, Puzzles, Bubbles, make May Day Crowns and Practice Kindermusik, Work on our Summer Passports

Mommy’s (and maybe Daddy) List

listen to podcasts, read the new Sophie Kinsella book, prep for my bookclub meeting this week, spring clean, cook (although I’m pretty sick of this one by now), bird watch, go for a walk, yoga, meditate, call a friend, write a letter, read a homeschooling book, organize the basement, learn tennis, make fairy houses with the kids, do my PT exercises, plan for homeschooling, scrapbook, figure out my Teacher Recertification, play cards, work on my quilt, journal, work on my GAPS recipe binder, cloud watch, listen to the Waldorf Conference from last year (before this one), revisit my Peaceful Parenting Material,  plan for the baptism or listen to Sparkle Stories  (I love them just as much as the kids!!)

Here is hoping that it is an easy week!!!

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Friday Finds….National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and there is a lot of fun things happening on the internet to help celebrate.  You can click here to visit Jama’s Alphabet Soup Blog where she has a post that has a list of many of the activities going on this month.  I wanted to share some of our favorite poetry books. The books I am sharing today are mostly filled with silly poems.  With a 6 and a 3-year-old, this is the type of poetry they appreciate right now.  Perhaps in a few years they will appreciate more serious poems (though I tend to doubt it!).


1.  Take me out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs  and I’m Still Here in the Bathtub: Brand New Silly Dilly Songs by Alan Katz

These books are filled with super silly songs done to tunes your kids know. We love to sing the songs from these books and we laugh a lot whenever we do. 

2.  Anything by Jack Prelutsky!!!  

We love Pizza the Size of the Sun and It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles.  These books are filled with more laugh out loud poetry, perfect for my silly kids!


3.  Random House Book of Poetry for Children–poems selected by Jack Prelutsky

This book was given to Wally when he was a baby and so now we have two copies (I had one in my classroom).  They are both well worn and we love this great collection of poems.  So many great poems about every topic under the sun.

4.  Anything by Shel Silverstein!!!  

These are the poems we grew up with and my children love them as much as my husband and I.   We all enjoy the crazy ideas of Shel Silverstein and especially love Where the Sidewalk Ends or Falling Up.

5.  Kids Pick the Funniest Poems–a collection put together by Bruce Lansky

Yes, another collection silly poems!  But so much fun.

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A Very Special Valentine…

When I came downstairs yesterday I found this…


A Valentine for Wally’s Fish Burger.  The site melted my heart, something he did all on his own.  He is one sweet kid!


Today I woke early to set up for our Valentine’s Day breakfast when Wally came downstairs.  “Can I give Burger my card?”  he said with such excitement.  I then got to witness this special love between the boy and his 2 year old fish.  The fish who once died when we cleaned his bowl and somehow came back to life.  After that dramatic 3 days of “Do We Flush Him….no he is alive!”, we have never cleaned his bowl again and he has lived longer than any fish we have ever have.  Sweet Turkey Burger Fish…Burger for Short 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy the day and Happy Birthday America!

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Happy Father’s Day!

We celebrated my husband with two days at the beach 🙂  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and that those of you who are Mother’s received some extra special attention.  My family treated me to a wonderful day!  Happy Monday 🙂

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