Friday Finds…Happy Vitamin D Day!

According to my Endocrinologist, tomorrow is not only Tax Day it is also Vitamin D Day for folks in the Northeast 🙂  Tomorrow is the day when the sun is finally at the right angle so spending time out-of-doors on a sunny day will help you to produce the much-needed vitamin.  Unfortunately in order to produce this much-needed Vitamin D, you can not be wearing sunscreen for 5 to 30 minutes.  So how does one balance the harnessing of vitamin D with the risk of getting burned??  Should you forego getting your Vitamin D from the sun and stick to getting it from foods and supplements?? Which sunscreens are the safest for our kids??  Check out the articles below to learn all about the which sunscreens are the safest, which are the WORST, some safe sun tips and the importance of vitamin D to our bodies.

Which Sunscreen??

Sunscreen Reviews from Kitchen Stewardship

I love Katie and have been reading her for years.  There is a lot of info on this page and the tests were done on her own family and she put in a lot of time and research with each brand.

EWG Sunscreen Ratings

Environmental Working Group has a very extensive database of sunscreens and their health ratings.  They also have a list of the WORST sunscreens (5 of them are baby or kid brands!!!!!).  You can type in the name of the sunscreen you use and see where it fits on their scale.  They also have lots of tips for being out in the sun.

Information on Vitamin D

Mother Nature Network–benefits of Vitamin D

This recent article reviews the importance of Vitamin D to the body.

Article in US News Health–Time in the Sun: How Much is Needed for Vitamin D?

This article discusses the importance of Vitamin D and whether or not the US as a nation is too cautious when it comes to the sun.

American Academy of Dermatology–Vitamin D

This group does not advocate getting your vitamin D dose from the sun because of the risks associated with UV radiation.


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