Catching Up

IMG_5102Where does the time go??  I had meant to do a Thanksgiving Weekend Recap post on Monday but somehow it is now Wednesday night and there has been no post.  I know many of us right now have moved on to the Holiday Season and don’t really want to recap Thanksgiving, but I hope you will humor me.  This evening I will share some photos and small details of our weekend of gratitude.  I am so filled with gratitude after the weekend we had and some special people deserve a shout out!


Thanksgiving Morning, Scott played golf in this!

Let me start with my mom, my hero.  I was amazed with how well she handled the last-minute changes that had to happen to her Thanksgiving dinner.  With no power, she could not host and had to leave her beautifully decorated table behind and move everything to my house at the last-minute.  I know she was disappointed but she rolled with it and because of her we had an amazing dinner.  I am so grateful to she, my dad and my second parents (Joan and Hal) for joining us for Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful to have them here and share a meal together.


Fun with Auntie Amber


Brother/Sister Team

The next heroes of the weekend were my father in-law Jeff and sister in-law Amber.  They gave up their Friday plans to help fix our house!  They worked all day in the cold to replace the rotted beams and button up our house (no more hole!!).  I am so grateful to them, if it weren’t for their help it would have been at least a 3 day job.


Lil’C’s year to put the star on the tree

The rest of the weekend was spent in playing the snow, spreading holiday cheer, completing household chores and celebrating with friends and family.  I am so grateful for the laughs I shared this weekend with some wonderful people.  Sunday afternoon we decorated my mom’s tree and I got to spend some quality time with my favorite twins.  I most enjoyed an animated conversation with my sweet little Emma.


First time all 6 have been in a picture together

It was a busy but nice weekend and I am so grateful to Scott for all of his hard work and effort to fix our house.  He works so hard all week long and then spends his weekend hours playing contractor, he is AMAZING and we are so blessed.

I am now looking forward to a slowing down this month and using Advent as a time to create, reflect, connect and anticipate all that is to come.


They spent HOURS in the snow


The halls are decked


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  1. Janine

    Thanks for rolling with the weather and giving me a warm kitchen to cook our Thanksgiving dinner. That’s FAMILY! Love ya!

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