My First Month of GAPS

It is hard to believe that a month has already passed since I first started my GAPS diet journey.  I wanted to take a minute to let you know how it is going and how GREAT I am feeling!  If you want to learn about why I am doing the GAPS diet, please click here to read the post I wrote.  

Where am I at??  I am now in Stage 6, the final stage and have lost 12 pounds.  My stomach is feeling so much better and other than my skin breaking out, I am not having too many “Die Off” symptoms.   I am fitting in clothes that I have not worn in two years which is a great feeling and I have so much more energy!  I am not that hungry between meals which is a first for me and the work in the kitchen is becoming more routine (although still very time consuming).

photo-6What am I eating??  I am enjoying so many delicious foods and more fat than I have eaten ever in my life (and I am down 12 pounds!!!) . The fat that I am allowed to enjoy are good healthy fats like ghee (clarified butter), homemade whole milk yogurt (cultured for 24 hours), lard, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil (but this is only for salads and dressing, no cooking in this oil).  I am now eating salads!!!! meats baked in the oven, unsweetened applesauce, kombucha (making my own now), pumpkin muffins made from coconut flour, an occasional glass of organic red merlot (this is cheating at this point) and of course eggs, bone broth, soups and lots of protein.

What do I most like??  I like that I feel so good!!  Scott says my skin looks great (although I am breaking out a bit) and that I look like I have a glow.  Losing the 12 pounds has also been great and I look forward to adding in exercise.  My back is feeling much better and I haven’t been to the chiropractor in 2 weeks!!!

What do I least like??  The time in the kitchen is tough….I make everything from scratch so this takes a lot of time to prep, cook and clean up.  It is also hard to go away even for a meal.  I need to prep everything in advance (overnights are the toughest) and make sure I have a space to heat up my meals as I am not allowed to use a microwave.  Thermoses have been great for this but it does take a lot of advanced planning.


Moving Forward… I am about to start transitioning slowly into the FULL GAPS diet and I can’t wait!!  I will be able to eat out some once this transition is complete and will be able to enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies of summer.  I am so excited about how great I feel and love the energy I have to play and enjoy time with my kids.   Though I still have a long road ahead, it has been so worth the effort.



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3 responses to “My First Month of GAPS

  1. Kristen

    So proud of you Jessika!

  2. Evelyn Weller

    Great job! I think we all could benefit from the Gaps:)

  3. Mom

    Proud of you too, Sweetie!

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